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De skyline van Hardewijk
Ermelo (ca 2,5 km), Harderwijk (ca. 1 km) and Zeewolde (to be reached with the “Fle-gel” ferry) are cities in
the neighbourhood of the bungalow park.

Zeewolde: The ferry (pedestrian/ bicycle) regularly leaves at the “Aqua Horst” bungalow park for the city of
Zeewolde. In Zeewolde an indoor pool and a 18-holes golf course are situated. 

Harderwijk: Harderwijk is a ‘Hanze city’ and more than 750 years old with monuments, landmarks and 
scenic spots. Harderwijk is known for its sea animal park Dolfinarium, which is the biggest in Europe and 
also includes a nice waterplayground. There are many café’s, restaurants and shops at both the boulevard
and the center of Harderwijk. Sightseeing boattours at Wolderwijd and the Veluwe lake are offered from the
Harderwijk harbour.

Ermelo: Ermelo is a village at the Veluwe with all the shopping facilities you need. Ermelo also has a
subtropic indoor swimming pool.

Near the park itself is a bowling centre and the large theme park Wabili World is reachable by car and public
transport within 15 minutes.
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